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Travel Nurse Channel (Social Media for Travel Nurses) Invites All Nurses and Healthcare Workers To Join Them In Lively Discussion Twice Weekly

Travel Nurse Channel bridges the gap, Connecting Welcome Discussion

Southern CA, USA – Travel Nurse Channel is an online platform that connects Nurses with other Nurses in Travel Situations. The idea is to develop an ongoing discussion that is relevant primarily to Nurses and especially with Travel Nurses employers to enable these professionals to serve at their maximum capacity and reach those who require care. Travel Nurse Channel is the best Social Media for Travel Nurses. This platform was thoughtfully designed to serve as a place where Travel Nurses can feel at home.

Travel Nurse Channel is managed by Paul King and Rita King who believe in leveraging the wonders of technology to help both Travel Nurses to obtain employment, and medical patients to receive timely counseling. In the words of Paul King: “Our mission is to encourage many Highly Skilled ER, OR, ICU, NICU and MED/SURG-TELE RN’s to optimize their options and experience in accepting a variety of long/short term Travel assignments at Hospital, Medical Centers and associated facilities and to broaden their workforce adventure. On our channel, we explore Travel Nurse employees, employers providing a variety of intermediate value hiring services that directly benefit both.”

Travel Nurse Channel is an ideal place for recruiters to chime in as well in order to broaden the understanding of what it takes to be on the Road. The platform deals with an array of primary, secondary, and tertiary Hospital/Healthcare facilities including hospitals, recruiters, long term facilities, mental health, specialty clinics, skilled facilities, and rehabilitation. sophisticated tech-based tools to help the employers acquire needed resources efficiently and smoothly.

Travel Nurse Channel: Social Media for Travel Nurses is a highly engaging stage where Travel Nurses can interact with each other.

They can also access job descriptions of the available job vacancies in multiple medical fields including RN, LVN/LPN/LPT, CNA/CN, NP/PA, PT/PTA, OT/COTA, and RRT/RCT. Prospective employees are invited to attend Facebook live interaction every Tuesday and Friday at 12:30 P.M. (PST) organized by Travel Nurse Channel.

This twice-weekly Live chat is a great way of alerting the potential employees of the available Job opportunities.

For Travel Nurses and other related professionals, Travel Nurse Channel can be the gateway to the opportunities of a lifetime. Join the group now to avail of the benefits!

About the Company:

Travel Nurse Channel is an online discussion platform that requires no obligation at all for participants

Contact Information:

Contact Person Name: Paul King

Company: Travel Nurse Channel


Phone: 760-421-1577

Location: Carlsbad, CA, United States


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