3 Best Jobs for RNs to Consider Now and Later

3 Best Jobs for RNs to Consider Now and Later

Happy to report, this is my first Blog for Medical Jobs Channel, formerly Gold Medical Jobs. So, are you hearing others say, or are you thinking, everything is different now? You may have heard even stronger chatter, such as, this is crazy, this is hell, and will anything ever be the same. We’re all living through a worldwide pandemic. I’m living through it and hearing the chatter too. Although the work we do in our healthcare roles aren’t being done in a radically different way, they are being done in an environment which has been changing weekly, daily, and sadly, even hourly, causing more stress and fear. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has halted economic activity globally, so where does that leave RNs and other healthcare workers?

It leaves us in a time and place where we’ve either been reassigned, received a pay cut, were furloughed, or, worst case, experienced a lay off.

Amidst what we’ve experienced this year in our healthcare system, the nursing field has been experiencing unprecedented growth and is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 15% job growth rate for registered nurses through 2026.

One writer at Forbes stated, “…. seek the right technology, which yields higher-wage, rewarding work and higher-quality, cheaper, more sustainable products and services.  The key is to focus on how we can best adapt…. to be successful we all need to get comfortable with the notion that we will all be lifelong learners and will need to be open to ongoing skill sharpening or even entirely re-skilling as we progress. I (the writer states) have had to re-skill in the past and will likely need to again, as will you.” I actually understand and applaud the notion that ongoing learning will be needed at the heart of a job shift which will potentially distribute prosperity more evenly through both communities and society.

So, where are the 3 best jobs for RNs now and going forward? I’m about to get to that. Currently, the demand has been for RNs, Respiratory Therapists, and MDs to care for the COVID-19 patients in hospitals, their Emergency and their Intensive Care Units. Other departments/units have been experiencing the dreaded pay cuts, and layoffs. So, again, where will the need for RNs be,… and continue to be?

1st. and foremost best job where RNs are needed is in Education. Per WHO, the World Health Organization, the world needs 6 million more nurses to achieve global health targets. As global health systems creak under the strain of the coronavirus, a new report shows there are not enough nurses to meet global development goals on health – even without a global pandemic. With that many nurses needed, Nursing Educators are in high demand for the training of RNs, LPNs/LVNs, CNAs, and Mas (the demand for NPs, and RTs is also high). Nurse educators use their first-hand experience and knowledge of medicine to train up-and-coming nurses. They work with hospitals and universities to design effective educational programs. Some focus on clinical hours for BSN students, while others teach courses at universities or create continuing education programs for practicing professionals.

Many specialty areas also suffer from severe nursing shortages, which stems from a rapidly aging U.S. population that requires more healthcare services, bring us to the 2nd. best job to consider transitioning into is Long Term Care. The focus can be from long term acute to minimal assisted living. The need for RNs, MDS RNs, LVNs, CNAs is huge. These professionals will be working within an interdisciplinary approach to help their patients and/or residents return home or prevent decline. The MDS (Minimum Data Set) RNNurse assessment coordinator, or the MDS LVN, collects and assesses information for the health and wellbeing of residents in Medicare or Medicaid-certified nursing homes.

The 3rd. best job to consider training for now and going forward is in Telemedicine. In the telehealth setting, nurses can monitor a patient’s oxygen levels, heart rate, respiration, blood glucose and more. Patients contact their nurses through the telehealth system to get help. Patients usually find their telehealth nurses through their managed health care organization or primary MD.

I discussed the 3 best jobs here, but could easily have listed 30 more, while focusing on solely nurses. The projected job growth rate for RNs, NPs, LVNs, and CNAs is from 12 – 15%, and as much as 43% for HHAs/Home Health Aides. There is also an ever growing need for RTs, Radiology Techs, Surgical Techs, EMTs, PTs, PTAs, OTs, COTAs, SLPs, SLPAs and more.

Hang in there, explore the possibilities, keep learning, and happy hunting!

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